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Tenure/Tenure-Track Faculty Levels

Female tenure/tenure-track faculty are not represented at the highest levels of tenure when compared to their male counterparts. As of the 2015-16 academic year, only 32.8% of female tenure/tenure-track faculty were classified as Full Professors, compared with 52.1% of male tenure/tenure-track faculty. Source: Yoder, B. L. (2017) Engineering by the numbers. American Society for Engineering […]

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Degree Attainment

Bachelor's Degrees to Women The proportion of bachelor’s degree holders in engineering and computer science that are women is at about 20 percent, which is the lowest when compared to other STEM fields. This proportion has been relatively stagnant for over a decade. On the contrary, women comprise the majority of the bachelor’s degree holders […]

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Undergraduate Attrition

A study in 2013 found that though more females than males that major in STEM in college graduate with a STEM degree, over 30% of females are switching out of STEM to pursue a non-STEM degree and over 14% are leaving without a degree.

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