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Tenure/Tenure-Track Faculty Levels

Female tenure/tenure-track faculty are not represented at the highest levels of tenure when compared to their male counterparts. As of the 2015-16 academic year, only 32.8% of female tenure/tenure-track faculty were classified as Full Professors, compared with 52.1% of male tenure/tenure-track faculty. Source: Yoder, B. L. (2017) Engineering by the numbers. American Society for Engineering […]

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Degree Attainment

With fewer females than males interested in pursuing a degree in engineering or computer/information sciences, fewer bachelor’s degrees are awarded to females as compared to males. Overall, interest in these fields has grown, with more than 174,000 bachelor’s degrees in engineering and computer/information sciences awarded in 2015. Unfortunately, the percentage of females earning degrees has […]

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Undergraduate Attrition

A study in 2013 found that though more females than males that major in STEM in college graduate with a STEM degree, over 30% of females are switching out of STEM to pursue a non-STEM degree and over 14% are leaving without a degree.

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