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Canada Faculty

Over the span of 10 years, from 2008 to 2019, the proportion of female faculty members has been below 20%, with the exception of 2018 (20.8%). In 2019, the highest percentages of female faculty were observed in lower ranks of academia (e.g. instructors, lecturers, and assistant professors). Women represent 12% of full professors in engineering.

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Canada Intention to Pursue an Engineering Career

A survey conducted by Engineers Canada (2016) found that men are more definitive about their intention to pursue a career in engineering compared to women. The most recent data of the 2017 graduating cohort (Engineers Canada, 2017) shows that the majority of students will definitely pursue a career in engineering. When the same group of

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Canada Graduate Degrees

The proportion of master’s degrees awarded in engineering to females was 25.7% in 2019, while the proportion of doctoral degrees awarded to females was 23.4%. Among master’s degree holders in engineering, the highest representation of women are in the fields of biosystems and environmental engineering, where they comprise 44.9% and 42.5% of the graduates, respectively.

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Canada Undergraduate Degrees

The proportion of undergraduate engineering degrees awarded to females has been slowly increasing since 2010, surpassing 20% in 2017. In 2019, 22.1% of undergraduate degrees were awarded to women. Women were well-represented among the disciplines of biosystems and geological engineering, where they comprised 47.2% and 39.4%, respectively, of the undergraduate degree holders in those disciplines.

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Canada Undergraduate Enrollment

As undergraduate enrollment in engineering programs increases, so too does female undergraduate enrollment in engineering. In 2019, female undergraduate enrollment was 23.4%, surpassing the 20% mark for the fourth year in a row. Biosystems and environmental engineering have the highest proportion (50.2%) of female students, while civil (3,310) and mechanical (3,093) engineering have the highest

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