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United Kingdom Engineering Workforce

EngineeringUK found that in 2018, while women represent 47% of the total UK workforce, only 9.7% of the engineering occupations within the engineering workforce in the United Kingdom were held by women. UK workforce, by gender and sector, 2018 Source: EngineeringUK. (2019). Excel Resource 2019, EngineeringUK 2018: The state of engineering. In 2016-17, among those

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United Kingdom Degree Attainment

While the proportion of women pursuing a higher education degree has increased from 40% in 1980 to 56% in 2017, 83% of undergraduates in engineering and technology and 83% of undergraduates in computer science programs are men (WES, 2018). Though the number of first degrees awarded in engineering to women has increased over the last

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United Kingdom Intentions to Major in Engineering

ENGINEERING CAREER EXPECTATIONS: The trend of young people who would consider a career in engineering seems to indicate an overall positive trend among all age groups from 2013 to 2017. Over the selected years, the proportion of students in middle adolescence (ages 14-16) who would consider an engineering career fluctuated more than the proportion of

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United Kingdom High School Preparation

The Women’s Engineering Society, a professional organization for women engineers, scientists, and technologists in the United Kingdom, updated a report in 2018 on the state of women in engineering. They found that there has been a slight increase in the representation of women in the engineering workforce in the UK, from 9% in 2015 to

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