SWE Research Advisory Committee

In May 2018, SWE held its first meeting of the SWE Research Advisory Committee. This committee was created to help the organization determine research topics for exploration, identify potential collaborators and external funding opportunities, provide expert feedback on current research projects, and support efforts to disseminate research findings. The SWE Research Advisory Committee members also serve as a conduit for SWE members to communicate their opinions and share their expertise.

The current members of the SWE Research Advisory Committee:

  • Stephanie G. Adams, PhD, Dean, Frank Batten College of Engineering & Technology, Old Dominion University
  • Carlotta M. Arthur, PhD, Director, Clare Boothe Luce Program, The Henry Luce Foundation
  • Diane Foley, Senior Director, Information Technology, Raytheon Company
  • Karen J. Horton, PE, Professor, Mechanical Engineering Technology, University of Maine
  • Peter F. Meiksins, PhD, Vice Provost for Academic Programs, Cleveland State University
  • Andresse St. Rose, EdD, Senior Director, Research, Evaluation, and Policy, Center for Collaborative Education
  • Bevlee A. Watford, PhD, PE, Professor, Engineering Education, Virginia Tech