United Kingdom Engineering Workforce

The Institute of Engineering and Technology found that only 7% of the engineering workforce in the United Kingdom were women (EngineeringUK, 2016). Almost half of women that earn a degree in engineering and technology do not work in an engineering role, and those residing in the United Kingdom are less likely to work in the engineering field than those in the European Union as a whole (EngineeringUK, 2016).

Slide A: Proportion of Engineering and Technology Graduates Going into an Engineering Occupation or Role, 2014-15

Source: EngineeringUK. (2016). EngineeringUK 2016: The state of engineering.

Regarding equal pay, WES found that in 2013, male registered engineers’ median income was almost 20% higher than that of females (WES, 2015). Fewer than 10% of STEM managers are female (WES, 2015).

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