United Kingdom Degree Attainment

While the proportion of women pursuing a higher education degree has increased from 40% in 1980 to 56% in 2015, 83% of undergraduates in engineering and computer science programs are men (WES, 2015). Though the number of first degrees awarded in engineering to women has grown 42.5% over a 10-year period, the proportion of engineering degrees awarded to females has remained relatively stagnant (EngineeringUK, 2016).

Source: EngineeringUK. (2016). EngineeringUK 2016: The state of engineering.

Chemical engineering had the highest percentage of female graduates in 2011 (29%), while only 9% of undergraduate degrees awarded in mechanical engineering were earned by women (McWhinnie & Peters, 2014).

Slide A: First Degrees Achieved in Engineering, 2004-05 through 2013-14