International High School Preparation

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) studies gender equality in the areas of education, employment, and entrepreneurship. According to data presented in their 2012 report on closing the gender gap, girls significantly outperform boys in reading in all OECD countries, but boys are slightly ahead in mathematics. Girls report worrying about math classes being hard for them more often than boys do (65% and 54% on average, respectively) (OECD Education GPS, 2016). Girls also report not being good in math more often than boys, on average (48% and 37%, respectively) (OECD Education GPS, 2016). This has global implications on the preparation and interest of girls to pursue an engineering degree and career. When it comes to career expectations, more boys than girls envisage a career in engineering and computing (average across countries providing data to OECD: 18% of boys compared to 5% of girls) (OECD Education GPS, 2016).

Source: OECD. (2012). Closing the gender gap: Key facts. Retrieved from