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SWE: Invent It. Build It.

Invent it. Build it. is an experience designed to encourage girls to choose a career in engineering. Open to middle and high school girls, the event provides an opportunity for girls to participate in a hands-on engineering experience with members of the Society of Women Engineers. While the girls h ...

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Intentions to Major in Engineering

Over the last ten years, interest in majoring in engineering and computer science has increased among both males and females. However, males are far more interested in pursuing a degree in these fields, with almost 27% of male freshmen indicating an intention to major in engineering, math, statistic ...

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High School Preparation

The math and science coursework taken in high school helps prepare students to pursue an engineering degree. The gender gap in earned high school math and science credits has shrunk over the past few decades, with girls earning approximately the same amount of course credits as boys. ...

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