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Australia Income Equality

Income inequities exist in the engineering sector, with men earning much more than than women. Almost 25% of male engineers earn at least $2,000 per week compared to only 10% of female engineers. ...

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Australia Degree Attainment

Engineers Australia studied the trends of women's shares of bachelor's degree completions (3 year, 4 year, and double degrees) from 2001 to 2010. In 2010, women received just over 24% of 3 year bachelor's degrees in engineering and 13% of 4 year bachelor's degrees. ...

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Australia School to University Transition

A 2012 report from Engineers Australia found that women continue to be underrepresented in the engineering profession. Australian women have the capacity to study engineering, but they do not choose to enroll in university engineering programs. "On average about 2,000 girls applied for places in uni ...

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